Dynamic Solutions

Simple: Smart

Collective: Strength

Choice: Certainty

Freight and shipping made easy

We work with our customers in a way that is cost effective, reliable, and predictable by nature. From taking responsibility for the cargo itself, and managing your shipment from load port to destination, it’s safe to say that we’re the freight company with dirt under our fingernails. 

Freight and shipping made easy – the Bearing360 way.

Taking the helm through integrated technology

Thanks to the use of integrated, cutting edge technology, the typically complex and drawn out process of shipping logistics is made easy, in a delivered-for-you process.

Our model leverages data and supply chain insights, to connect and further enhance the carrier and port network, making it that much more manageable for you to ship containers at scale.

The Bearing360 system was developed out of the desire to both increase visibility of cargo, and make seamless bookings across a global network in its entirety.


Features of the Bearing360 system

Through the use of our customer portal system, we ensure that quote requests, tracking, and booking optimisation require little effort for you, as an importer or exporter.

Simple solutions created through smart technology.

Customer Portal Booking Entry


Our customer portal booking entry system provides an auto-filled form minimising customer data entry in the process, providing you a single way of working with any shipping line and leaving you with more time to focus on what really matters.

Customer EDI


Our simple customer electronic data interchange (EDI) model streamlines the process from request to release, by ensuring that both us at Bearing360, and you as the customer, are connected at all times. This model starts with the selection of an optimal, ready-for-you shipping carrier and service, and ends with the booking reference and container release. (Ideal for customers shipping at scale - 10+ orders per month)

Customer Portal Tracking


The booking lifecycle of your order is made available to you in real time through the use of our customer portal tracking system. You can rest assured knowing the exact stage in which your order finds itself regardless which shipping line is carrying the shipment.
(Ideal for customers with up to 10 bookings per month)

Dynamic KPI reporting


Monitor your activity and carrier performance across all shipping lines used through our dynamic key performance indicator (KPI) reporting system. Track containers by destination port, country, and distribution by shipping line with ease.

Cost to serve reporting


Analyse and improve customer profitability with our automated cost to serve reporting model. Directly compare cost per tonne by customer while understanding the reporting data for all shipping lines used. Reduce admin and have better information at hand to make the right decisions for your company.

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