Our Partners

The importance of community

Bearing360 brings together a multitude of both national and global stakeholders - from shipping lines and ports, to importers and exporters. In doing so, we put the power of an interconnected freight network into your hands as a valued associate and partner. 

The array of experience, knowledge and innovation within this network is shared beyond those at the top, and dispersed amongst all small to medium sized businesses in Aotearoa.
By choosing to partner with us at Bearing360, you’re choosing to unlock value for the greater good of those in the freight industry.

The Bearing360 Vision

We thrive on partnerships with honest, down to earth and reliable companies. 

It’s our vision to see positive collaboration lead to win-win situations for both parties involved. Our aim is to give both importers and exporters, small or large, more leverage around the negotiating table of some of the world’s biggest shipping companies. Through our current relationship with multiple carriers, we’ve been fortunate enough to have seen collective growth as we create a new way forward in freight and shipping.

We’re just getting started, and we’d love for you to join us on the ride, navigating towards stronger trade for Aotearoa.