IN THE KNOW: MFAT - New Zealand Import & Export Tariff Finder

New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade


This tariff finder is designed to help goods exporters and importers maximise benefits from New Zealand's Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and compare tariffs in more than 140 other international markets. Goods exporters and importers can use it to check the tariff rate for over 164 World Trade Organization (WTO) members and observers.

For FTA markets the tariff finder shows the rates for each year while tariffs are being phased out under FTAs. It sets out the rules of origin for goods and provides information about documentation and additional requirements that apply.

The tariff finder can also be used to compare the tariff commitments for different products across all of New Zealand's FTAs and over 140 other markets, covering more than 164 WTO members and observers. The information is updated annually.

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